Saturday, March 13, 2010

i loooove my sister

DSC06714, originally uploaded by The Virgin Vintage.

she is amazing. samantha is her name! she took all these awesome shots at an amazing location. she also made a stop motion while we were there. ill post that tomorrow. here, she is wearing an antique jet beaded applique headband i made. isnt it beautiful? it looks amazing in her hair too. check out all the rest of the stuff i made on my flickr page. and you will want to buy it all from me on etsy ;) ill be listing them throughout the weekend. i am so happy about how this all turned out today! what an amazing day! also i will be making a movie tomorrow as a little tribute to samantha. its going to be amazing! i havent felt like making them in a while so this will be wonderful...yay!


  1. That headband looks beautiful in her hair. Looking forward to your movie!

  2. Super cute headband! You and I should follow eachothers blogs, the more like-minded people the better! xo-tmar

  3. thanks so much tmar! will do! ;) you can <3 my shop too if ya want.


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