Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vtg 80's MOD Grape PETAL Hem HIGH WAIST Pencil Skirt XS

k i love this!

you're my new obsession...

god i love this headband...and my jacket! but ill sell the headband to you if you want ;)

...so let it be done!

if i had a trumpet i would make a blast about this thing. Im so pleased with how my brass leaves came out on this braided cord headband! They used to be earrings and i took that apart and hand sewed them onto the braided cord. Sarah looks amazing so i made her model for me. check out my flickr for more looks! but really you should go to my etsy shop and buy something so that i'll love you forever! Today is a beautiful day and i feel so accomplished!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Working Blog

I'm just not sure how to set it up in a way that i really want it. I know i want something with a little art nouveau style...but i like the lines of art deco. i looked at a magazine called artful blogging today and now im totally overwhelmed. i want to keep creating my vintage stuff and pray that it all sells so i can go places and buy food. my mom made me a label and now i have a few things on etsy and ive made a fan page on facebook...but theres always more and more to do! 

im trying out a few different looks with my stuff right now. i was given a sweet pair of bronze earrings with little leaves on them, and i knew i could make a gorgeous headpiece out of them. Today i found a braided leather headband, im going to sew the leaves onto it! i just don't like the hippie look. it dents your head. i'm against anything that damages your face. i think denting counts! anyway i would wear it on my head for an edwardian look. maybe throw some braids in there. tomorrow we'll do a photo shoot with it on my sister to see how it looks. im very biased about my things and think they're all works of art, like a mother of a child who draws a mess of nothingness. yet it still gets posted prominently. 

i shipped off my very first etsy sale...i hope you like it daisies4! i know i love the cute lil clip. i should really keep one for myself...

Antique Applique

We <3 our paisley applique with tassels. Made from vintage glass beads! But it on etsy! http://www.thevirginvintage.etsy.com